Fourthly, sperm catching will follow. This step requires the maximum practice and attention as the morphology of chosen sperm is in your hands considering there won’t be a choice with respect to oocytes. Initially, the experience of sperm immobilization may be increasingly frustrating and this may lure trainees to jump into oocyte injection part which seems much easy and yes a bit glamorous. Basically, you have to train your eye to choose the correct sperm and the difficulty level must increase with Normozoospermia followed by severe OAT and even surgically retrieved samples. For beginners, the edge of a PVP sperm drop provides the necessary reservoir to begin practice sperm catching!
Oocyte Injection

Lastly, the Oocyte injection will be the final step. In this part, during training, you may not get actual oocytes and hence you may miss the actual feeling of injecting true mature eggs. The little suction to be applied for holding the egg, aspiration till you get a jerk like feeling, the observation of a funnel-shaped structure in the cytoplasm won’t be visible whilst injecting oocytes other than mature.



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