Fiber optic is known by many names, such as Optical Fibre. This is a type of technology that is used to send information in the form of light pulses through plastic fiber. In a fiber optics cable, there are several of these fibers. In an expensive cable, there are hundreds of these threads. The core of glass fiber is protected with the help of another layer known as cladding. And then this layer is protected by the buffer tube layer. Finally, there is a jacket layer to protect the individual and. Generally, these cables are used instead of copper cables for a number of reasons. These cables offer a lot of advantages, such as transmission speed and bandwidth. Let’s find out more.

If you are looking for high-speed data networking, you may consider fiber optics. As a matter of fact, this cable is commonly used in a lot of communication sectors for networking services. Some examples of these services include telephones, television, and the internet.



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